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Twin Cities Theater Seats

Sorry, Twin Cities: That second-most-theater-seats-per-capita-outside-New-York stat is total bullshit

ShareVirtually any list of Twin Cities civic boasts includes the claim that our metro area has “the second most theater seats per capita outside of New York.” Google the phrase and you’ll find pages and pages of colleges, businesses, and boosters of all stripes making the claim. But how do they know it’s true? Many […]

Dakota Fanning Very Good Girls

“Very Good Girls”: The Quiz

ShareVery Good Girls is about two girls who find their lifelong friendship tested during the summer before college. It stars: a. Sophie Turner and Hailee Steinfeld b. Abigail Breslin and Sasha Pieterse c. Dove Cameron and Zendaya d. Dakota Fanning and a 25-year-old Olsen sister The two girls are trying to: a. Start a non-profit […]

Framing of the Shoe

Ten Actual Boutique Names in Annapolis, Maryland

ShareThe Framing of the Shoe Hats in the Belfry Re-sails Be…Home Snyder’s Bootery CleaVe The BOUTIQUE Bubbles For Hair Poppy and Stella Then…& Again Antiques Mary and Blanche! – compiled by Jay Gabler

Kom Hit

The Pros and Cons of “Kom Hit!”

SharePros Any excuse to hang out in the American Swedish Institute’s Turnblad Mansion is welcome—especially at dusk, when the illuminated nooks and crannies feel especially cozy and mysterious. If feathers occasionally fall on you, all the better. The overlapping musical elements—some performed live, some played on record or tape or other media—are eerily beautiful. This […]


“Transformers: Age of Extinction”: Michael Bay unleashed

ShareAppropriately for a franchise centering on robots with the ability to dramatically change their appearance, the Transformers stories have evolved from a small toy line and gently absurd comic—created, on Hasbro’s order, to provide a new American narrative involving pre-existing toy molds from Japan—into a series of four increasingly gargantuan feature films directed by Michael […]

Jersey Boys movie

Clint Eastwood’s “Jersey Boys”: Failure in Falsetto

ShareJersey Boys, the 2005 jukebox musical that tells the (more or less) true story of Frankie Valli, is one of the sturdiest and most enjoyable Broadway shows of its type. Focusing on the relationships among the Four Seasons—in particular between Valli and guitarist Tommy DeVito—gives writers Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice room to explore resonant […]

Average Minnesota crop

Infographic: Ways In Which Minnesota Is Average

Share – Research by Jay Gabler, design by Leah Garaas For more about Minnesota by The Tangential, grab our book Bright Lights, Twin Cities!

Mighty Ducks

Things Minnesotans Get Emotional About

ShareBeing more than a flyover state Happy hours Parking New foods at the Minnesota State Fair Potholes Condo construction in Dinkytown Crop reports Camp Snoopy Pedal Pubs (love or hate) Bars (the edible kind) Josh Hartnett’s unibrow Our hip-hop scene Dan Wilson’s songwriting Still voting for Walter Mondale The Quadriga Topping lutefisk with cream gravy (instead of […]


The Ten Most Intriguing Cities in Greater Minnesota

Share10. Albert Lea. Home of the most epic highway rest stop in the state of Minnesota. There’s outsize wooden statuary, there’s a veritable football field of Minnesota-themed merchandise, and there’s a Cold Stone Creamery where at least one of the employees will toss your blended ice cream into the air behind his back, whip a […]

Optimus Prime

Ten Questions Raised by a Viewing of the First “Transformers” Cartoon Episode

ShareWhen they were learning to talk on ancient Cybertron, how did the Transformers decide which ones would be black, which ones would be Brooklyn mobsters, and which ones would be British? Given that Cybertron was already running low on energy when the Autobots and Decepticons left, how is Shockwave supposed to hold down the fort […]


20 Secrets Minnesotans Won’t Tell You (Except Just This Once)

ShareFor two blocks right in front of the Valspar plant in downtown Minneapolis—on S. 3rd St., between S. 10th Ave. and S. 12th Ave.—there are magical meters that only cost a quarter an hour, for up to ten hours. This is the way to go if you’re seeing a play at the Guthrie. The best place […]


The Wit and Wisdom of Cybertron: Quotations from Transformers boxes

Share“Look good and you’ll have the world in your pocket.” – Wideload, Throttlebot materials transport “He who has fuel, has power.” – Octane, Decepticon fueler “Unyielding resolve has no conqueror.” – Omega Supreme, Autobot defense base “Fear is a friend whose presence is felt long after he’s left.” – Dreadwind, Decepticon air defense “Gravity is […]

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