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What are all these words?
This is The Tangential, a pop culture and creative writing blog. We publish writing about anything and everything, as long as it isn’t boring and doesn’t suck.

Is this pornography?
No. Mom, quit Googling me.

When did this all start?
The Tangential was started in January 2011 by Becky Lang, Jay Gabler, and Katie Sisneros. Since then, more people have joined the party. Fortunately, our party needs are minimal: cheap whiskey and an Internet connection.

Where are you based?
This whole blog is written by cute teenagers at sleepovers who we’re communicating with through Ouija boards. Heaven is pretty cool. We just Ouija-blog five hours a day while drinking margaritas and making homemade barbeque sauce with Jesus. Some say none of this true, and we’re actually living in Minneapolis as some kind of purgatory punishment thing, but they’re just jealous.

Are you independent?
Yes. In fact we are so independent we operate at a loss. Please contact us if you know anything about making money at all.

Okay, but aren’t you an Amazon Associate site, earning $$$$$$$$ from qualifying purchases?
More like $$$, but yes. The income partially subsidizes our hosting fees.

Who designed the site?
We are currently using a theme called Heap, with our own this and that mixed in.

How many people write for you?
We have a core group of about a dozen contributors who write most frequently, but we’ve published writing by everyone from fiction grant winners to a guy who works at a pizza shop by Becky’s apartment. You can submit if you want.

How do you decide what gets published?
We follow our hearts.