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Sexts from the Sea

Sexts from the Sea is a compilation that brings together our favorite humor posts from the first five years of our blog. It includes such pieces as:

-What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting

-I Remember When Our Swingers Parties Were About the Sex, Not the Corporate Sponsors

-Transcript from the show Gals by Lana Durham

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 7.16.49 PM

Here are some answers to possible questions you may have about this book.

1. Why should I spend the limited time my eyeballs have to look at something on this?

Managing eyeball time is hard. We need at least five minutes per day to look at slow cooker recipes and also Kylie Kardashian. This book may not bring you political thrills or help you pass a standardized test (maybe try House of Cards??), but it will help you process your uncomfortable sexual feelings about Harry Potter. That’s something right?

2. Will this book make me pee a little?

That’s between you and your bladder, but we did consider calling this book, Pee on This Book, so anything goes really.

3. Why did you do this book?

To celebrate 5 years of being a blog. And we wanted an excuse to see one another’s faces.

4. Who published this book?

The editors of The Tangential (Jay, Becky and Katie) got together and read through a lot of stuff and made a spreadsheet and picked posts and then edited them and self-published with Amazon’s CreateSpace program. Blame any typos on the downfall of traditional publishing! (But for real, we proofed this thing a lot.)

5. Who designed the cover?

The very talented and wonderful Caroline Royce. She’s designed all of our book covers.

6. Why Sexts from the Sea?

We liked how this piece’s title brought together one of nature’s most amazing phenomena (the ocean) and something people do with their thumbs (sexting).

7. Whose work is featured in this book? 

Becky Lang, Jay Gabler, Katie Sisneros, Courtney Algeo, Linnea Goderstad, Amina Harper, Katya Karaz, Sarah Lansky, Dunstan McGill, Lisa Olson, Heidi Schatz, Chrissy Stockton, Chris Vondracek, Emily Weiss, and Jason Zabel.

8. Let’s say I want to buy this thing. How do I do it?

We’ll make it as easy as literally possible. It’s available in paperback and for Kindle — and if you buy the paperback, you get the Kindle edition for free.

To get the paperback, click here:

For the Kindle version, click here: