“Very Good Girls”: The Quiz

“Very Good Girls”: The Quiz

Very Good Girls is about two girls who find their lifelong friendship tested during the summer before college. It stars:

a. Sophie Turner and Hailee Steinfeld

b. Abigail Breslin and Sasha Pieterse

c. Dove Cameron and Zendaya

d. Dakota Fanning and a 25-year-old Olsen sister

The two girls are trying to:

a. Start a non-profit

b. Make enough money that they don’t have to work freshman year and can concentrate on their studies

c. Troll B-list celebrities on Twitter

d. Lose their virginity

In the movie’s opening scene, just for fun the two girls decide to:

a. Re-watch the entire run of Gossip Girl

b. Get drunk at a baby-sitting job

c. Plant the stems and buds from the bottom of a bag of pot and see if anything grows

d. Get naked

The girls meet a cute guy via:

a. Tinder

b. Grindr

c. A mutual friend

d. Accidentally running their bikes, giggling, into the sign advertising his ice-cream cart

One of the girls has a father who’s a therapist. He:

a. Lends a supportive, non-judgmental ear without asking if his daughter is trying to “shock” him

b. Encourages his daughter to pursue a doctorate

c. Likes all his daughter’s Instagram pics

d. Fucks his patients

When the cute guy secretly takes the girls’ photos and then posts Fanning’s photo in public with the caption WHERE DO YOU LIVE, her character reacts by:

a. Filing a police report

b. Rolling her eyes

c. Sending a snap of the sign to all her contacts with the letters WTF scrawled on top

d. Smiling gently, then telling the guy exactly where she lives

The cute guy lives:

a. With his parents

b. In a dorm

c. In a basement apartment lacking the legally required egress window

d. In a huge, gorgeous photography-studio loft

As two of the characters fall in love, we see:

a. Them discuss whether to change their Facebook relationship statuses

b. One of them farting in bed

c. Them constantly taking cheek-to-cheek selfies on the beach

d. An indie-rock montage of them being adorable together

At one point, a random guy rolls his bike up to a bunch of kids playing basketball in a public park. This guy takes off his shirt and pants and proceeds to dance ballet among them. The kids react by:

a. Screaming and calling their parents

b. Mocking the guy mercilessly

c. Beating the guy up

d. Dancing along with the guy while laughing delightedly, as the cute guy from the ice cream stand swoops in to take pictures

The first time one of the girls has sex, it’s:

a. Painful

b. Awkward

c. Anticlimactic

d. Passionate and beautiful

Answers: What?! You didn’t think this quiz was going to include spoilers, did you?!

Jay Gabler

Image courtesy Tribeca Film