Things Minnesotans Get Emotional About

Things Minnesotans Get Emotional About

Being more than a flyover state

Happy hours


New foods at the Minnesota State Fair


Condo construction in Dinkytown

Crop reports

Camp Snoopy

Pedal Pubs (love or hate)

Bars (the edible kind)

Josh Hartnett’s unibrow

Our hip-hop scene

Dan Wilson’s songwriting

Still voting for Walter Mondale

The Quadriga

Topping lutefisk with cream gravy (instead of using melted butter like a godless Norwegian)

Wild rice

“Up north”

When “up north” is actually west, east, or south

Swimmer’s itch


’87/’91 Twins

The North Stars logo

Being reduced to stereotypes

Anything with the word “Fargo” in it

The Mighty Ducks

The Dayton’s auditorium Christmas show, back when it was different every year

DQs being shuttered for the winter

Coming around the corner on Highway 169 and spotting the Green Giant

Slam poetry

Ice dams

Asian Carp

The actual location of Lake Wobegon

Getting circled by Bert

The final Holidazzle

How much like your dad the mayor is

Minneapolis vs. St. Paul farmers’ markets and their rules about how far away the food can come in from

Michele Bachmann

“The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”

The weather, every goddamn day

Jay Boller, Jay Gabler, Becky Lang, Lisa Olson, and Emily Weiss

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