Tangential headlines made more creative and less smutty

Tangential headlines made more creative and less smutty

I’ve been told that certain members of my family think that some of the language we use on this blog is a little “too direct” and that it would be better if we found other, more creative ways to put things. At that prompt, I’ve cleaned up several Tangential headlines. What do you think?

How to find a culturally savvy, ironically-dressed young woman and slip her the ol’ hot-dog-in-the-bun

African-Americans: A guide for Caucasians

Unseemly products made from the flesh of animals

My apologies to the Catholic Church, and the world, for my repeated failures at performing my duties as a Catholic with grace and dignity

Manners in which you might increase men’s interest in putting their penises in your vagina

I think men are superior to women, which is ironic, given that I myself am a woman; proof of this is my list of women I’d like to get to know in the Biblical sense

It is only women named Jean whose moist cathedrals I’d like to visit with my condom-clad bishop

Filmic creations that I find to be faintly ridiculous

I have a pronounced tendency to believe that men in my vicinity wish to cause the sexual organs of other men to become rigid, and then perhaps to suckle them

My preparatory school was a flagrant den of adolescent promiscuity

A guide to slang terms making reference to the male member

Jay Gabler