The ten tiniest things I feel guilty about

The ten tiniest things I feel guilty about

Every morning when I get up, I toss the clothes I’m going to wear that day onto the floor by the closet. I consciously try not to drop my belt buckle onto the hardwood floor since I know my neighbor is sleeping downstairs, but somehow that buckle always manages to rap the boards.

Not holding the door for people who are walking 30 feet behind me.

I have a little hot plate to keep my coffee warm in my cubicle, and I know that it only enhances the pervasive smell of burnt gingerbread throughout the office when I’m using the flavored K-cups I got for Christmas.

When I’m riding my bike and hit a red light, then a car pulls up behind me wanting to turn right. There’s not enough room for the car to squeeze between me and the curb, so the car has to wait. I know I could pick my bike up and move it aside for the car, but I don’t have to, so I don’t.

Throwing away birthday cards I got 20 years ago.

Not sending birthday cards.

When my mom had an estate sale, I was pretty sure that a few of the books being sold were ones that people had lent to my dad over the years with the expectation of getting them back someday, and I thought I maybe remembered who the books belonged to, but I just left them in the boxes to be sold.

Not tipping if the barista has an annoying personality.

When I’m reviewing a play and a theater company reserves two press tickets for me, but then I end up using only one of them purely because I forgot to invite anyone to come with me.

Never changing my social media avatars for any cause, ever.

Jay Gabler