Insights From My Elders

Insights From My Elders

“It amuses me to see how addicted your generation is to those toys.”

– Co-worker referencing the Blackberry in my hand as she glides past my desk on the way to a smoke break.

“Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve been knee-walking drunk…”

– My former internship supervisor’s wistful response when he asked about my weekend plans and I replied, “Same old, just hanging out.”

“You’re tired? You’re too young to be tired.”

– Co-worker’s response when she caught me yawning at the water cooler and I told her I felt groggy.

“It’s amazing—everything is on the internet these days. I mean, everything!”

– Overheard within my mom’s circle of friends, discussing their children’s chances of employment.

“This book is more relevant to your generation than any before it! You think you have privacy? You think your identities are safe?  Think about all the screens in your life…! Oh forget it, you kids don’t care.”

– My high school English teacher on Orwell’s 1984.

“First it’s the sun, then pesticides on vegetables, now plastic…The way I see it, we’re killing ourselves no matter what we do.”

– My mom, when she heard that the reusable grocery bags I urged her to use were rumored to have traces of lead.

“I know you guys believe that your thoughts matter, and that people care—but the truth it, nobody gives a shit. Your parents, maybe. Other than them, nobody gives a shit about what you say.”

– College professor on the use of personal insight in research papers.

“I sure did study abroad when I was your age! The minute I turned 18 I got a full tour of Vietnam, courtesy of the US government!”

– My study abroad advisor at a pre-trip meet and greet, when asked if he studied abroad in college.

“I’ll see you in Heaven, my dear! I’ll get there long before you, so I’ll save you a seat!”

– Elderly woman I spoke with on the public phone line at work.

– Katya Karaz