How to Get a TLC Reality Show

How to Get a TLC Reality Show

It’s actually a simple equation:

Mildly attractive female (in the 5-7 range) + a super manly job.

Proof? Observe – the women of channels 59-61

Flying Wild Alaska (Discovery): Ayla Tweto

Ice Road Truckers (History): Lisa Kelly

Stormchasers (Discovery):

Sons of Guns (Discovery): Stephanie Hayden

Man Woman Wild (Discovery): Ruth England

I honestly think this is one of the funniest, as the show literally has the same premise as two other shows on the network (Survivorman, Man Vs. Wild) but was still made simply for the inclusion of a mildly attractive female.

Mounted In Alaska (History): Tina Knight

Seriously, this girl is a professional taxidermist.

Bonus – added weirdness –The Unpoppables (TLC): Katie Balloons

Ok she might actually just be crazy for actually legally changing her name to Katie Balloons.

I could keep going all day but the most egregious, and probably the originator of this whole trend is Discovery’s Mythbusters with their geek pin-up girl Kari Byron:

When Kari Byron went on leave to have a baby, the Mythbusters producers must have thought the show would fall apart without any eye candy as they went and instantly hired a replacement in the form of another mildly attractive female –

Mythbusters (Discovery): Jessie Combs

So, have a great idea for a reality show? Know any mildly attractive females in that job/profession/hobby/sport? Then you too can have your own television show on one of basic cable’s most prestigious networks.

Eric Wall