An Interview with the Writers of Bon Iver Erotica

An Interview with the Writers of Bon Iver Erotica


Part of what makes Bon Iver Erotica so magical and addictive is that the writing is just plain good. Specific, meaningful and oddly beautiful, while still being hilarious. I managed to get an interview with the minds behind the project. Update: Those minds are – Anna Sawyer, Alice Warren-Gregory and Alex Finkel.

You called yourself an “us.” Are there many people writing Bon Iver Erotica? Can you reveal your identities?

We are a very fun trio of 20-somethings who were friends before this and who, through this experience, have become soulmates.

Are you guys based in the midwest, in Wisconsin or Minnesota?

We are based in Boulder, Colorado. But two of us have deep midwestern roots.

Do you find that your biggest fanbase is in the midwest? As someone in Minneapolis, I can’t help but wonder if we have a unique adoration for Bon Iver here, or if it’s nationwide.

We do get a lot of Twitter attention and website traffic from the Midwest. We think many Americans and world citizens have an appreciation for the Midwest: if you’ve experienced the heartland, it never leaves your heart.

Are you a writer? Do you have any other projects?
We work in disparate industries, but we have all been writing and creating funny shit on the internet for years. This is simply the one that people actually love.

Has Bon Iver responded to the Erotica Tumblr?

We haven’t heard from Justin himself yet, but his girlfriend sent us a clever tweet!

Do you think Justin Vernon masturbates (penis or ego) to this blog?

I think Justin is probably flattered and a little confused. Without seeming presumptuous, we do get the impression that the virality of our idea and its sudden injection into the consciousness of the music-loving population has augmented Justin’s public persona. We get comments and messages like, ‘he’s the perfect man’, and ‘Bon Iver is the world’s greatest lover’.

Will you ever make a bizarro Bon Iver porn blog called Bonnie Bear Erotica?

We doubt that’s on our project roadmap, but if another fan wants to take it in that direction, we won’t complain. We do think our little success is directly a product of the very mild sexiness of the content. It’s not scary (for Justin or for the fans of the blog). It’s safe for work. It’s romantic, and quite silly.

What’s the hands-down sexiest thing about Bon Iver?
His precocious nature and love of discovery, and his selflessness. He’ll be late for a studio session because he found a wasp’s nest and wanted to watch the little flying creatures constructing their home. At the same time, he takes pleasure in offering pleasure: you cannot sit next to him without getting a foot rub.

What do you think Bon Iver smells like?
We know what he smells like! Peppermint, gunpowder and pine sap. French chicory and salty, hard-earned sweat.

Can you make a mad lib for writing an entry of Bon Iver Erotica?

Bon Iver is standing in the (natural location), (precocious or evocative posture), listening to the (specific genus and species of Wisconsin wildlife). I join him, and he (incredibly kind and sensual gesture). Later, we drink (artisanal liquid) from (twee homemade vessel) and make love under the (celestial body in particular phase).

Which of Bon Iver’s chakras do you think is the most active?

Anahata, of course. And proximity to Bon Iver makes our anahata go completely nuts.

What type of flower would Bon Iver be if he was a flower?

He is the dried and crumbling bouquet from your grandparents’ wedding 60 years ago. Faintly scented, filled with memory and meaning, and saved for a lifetime as a symbol of eternal love and admiration.

Any other thoughts to share?
One of the most interesting experiences of this past week (yes – it has only been a week since we launched the blog) has been the psychological effect of writing love letters to strangers for several hours each day. While volume has now begun to prevent this, we have tried to respond personally with a note from Bon Iver to every mention and message on Twitter, in addition to generating the original content for the site. The three of us, who would unanimously define ourselves as ‘cynical intellectual jerks’ have all reported increased feelings of happiness, acceptance and love. It’s totally weird and awesome. We really have become better people through the message of Bon Iver.

Becky Lang