A (Sensitive) (Thirtysomething) Guy’s Thoughts While Watching “Girls”

A (Sensitive) (Thirtysomething) Guy’s Thoughts While Watching “Girls”

No wonder they gave Lena Dunham a show. She’s just one of those people with a look of give-me-a-show about her.

Do girls really hang out naked in the bathtub together like that? Because guys sure don’t. At least, not the ones I’ve lived with. But then, we don’t need to shave our legs.

Aw, this sensitive guy is poignant! “You’re too nice to me…you make me feel like a bitch!” If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that, I’d have almost a dollar. Like, seriously. Almost a dollar.

I like all this dissing on Facebook.

This British girl’s crazy globetrotting life is meant to be an LOL, but check out this actual letter of recommendation I once wrote for an actual person.

She has an iPhone 3! Slumming it like me.

I dunno, I think Keanu Reeves played himself better than this guy is playing him.

This douchey dinner guest would have been played by Sydney Pollack in a 1970s Woody Allen movie. He’s also in my Twitter feed, where he’s played by [redacted].

Do girls really hang out together while they pee? I guess my aunts do, which weirds my sisters out. Guys rarely go into bathrooms together, maybe because they’re self-conscious about being seen peeing. Sometimes it happens, but I’ve never been part of a TP-handoff situation. But then, we don’t need to wipe after peeing: we just shake. Which may be why we’re self-conscious about being seen peeing.

“Why don’t you get a job and start a blog?” Lena Dunham’s mom sounds like The Tangential.

Whoa, stealing tip money? She’s risking alienating a large portion of her target demographic here.

Music by Michael Penn! Woot Gen X.

AAAUGH this sensitive-guy plot is cutting too close to the bone. “You worship me so much you don’t see what I need.” Lskjdfdjfoiaewjifejfaewielf;ja;ioefjiaojejfioejfjekdkjal;durrrrggggggggggg

“Hate-reading.” I like it. There are definitely blogs I hate-read.

I get sick of jokes about rape too. Should I be cooler about it? I could probably write a whole post about rape jokes. EVERYONE PRETEND YOU DIDN’T READ THIS.

Okay, so basically, it’s…a TV show.

Jay Gabler asked his mom for her HBO GO password, and felt like Lena Dunham would probably approve.