Pros and Cons of Putting Bumper Stickers On Your Car

Pros and Cons of Putting Bumper Stickers On Your Car

Pro: It’s free advertising for my favorite causes!

Con: But really, does anyone ever get stuck behind someone in traffic and say, “Hey, I want some of what he’s having!”

Pro: I can express my individuality!

Con: Via mass-produced stickers featuring brands and slogans?

Pro: Makes it easier to find my car among others.

Con: Maybe if they sat on top of your car like pizza-delivery signs. But on the bumper?

Pro: Gives me something to do with these bumper stickers I have lying around.

Con: Guitar cases, CD binders, and the trash also qualify as “something to do” with them.

Pro: They’re kind of retro!

Con: Want some fuzzy dice and a CB radio to go with that?

Pro: It will make my boss happy if I put one of our company’s stickers on my car.

Con: It’s not a company car—you paid for that your damn self. What’s next, a brand tattoo?

Pro: Not everyone who has bumper stickers is a redneck reactionary or a stoned hippie.

Con: That’s not even an argument. Now you’re just sounding defensive.

Pro: A bumper sticker is a conversation piece!

Con: If all you can find to talk about is what’s plastered on your car’s ass, maybe it’s time to find a new conversation partner.

Jay Gabler is going to put bumper stickers on his new car because he just wants to, okay?!

Photo by Cathy Stanley-Erickson (Creative Commons)