Pros and Cons of Being an Insomniac

Pros and Cons of Being an Insomniac


-You never just “fall asleep while reading.”
-You get to be an expert on late night TV/ everything on Netflix streaming
-So much time to think!
-No one will find you stumbling sheepishly around in your PJ’s at 3 p.m., pillow marks on your cheeks
-You own at sleepover parties
-You get to try fun substances to help you fall asleep and then tell stories about the “crazy dreams” they gave you.
-Naturally waking up at 7, you have more time to do things like “straighten your hair,” or “write blog posts”


-You’re actually jealous of people who fall asleep reading. “How do you do that? Is that really possible?”
-Ruminating in the dark while thinking, “I’ll never fall asleep” over and over again is one of the worst things you can subject yourself to on a daily basis
-Light hallucinations via sleep deprivation
-Being tired at work
-Being an insomniac as a kid is terrifying. You don’t get to stay up and watch TV, you just have to lay there and wonder if every single creak is that predator you saw on the news, coming to kidnap you too.

Becky Lang