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The Tangential

Our Motto

Don't be boring. Don't suck. It's so hard not to do either thing at least some of the time, but we try.

Creative Writing

We started this project so that Minneapolis would have a place to publish short form humor and creative writing.

All Kinds of Contributors

We've published over 100 writers from all over the world, and many, many from Minnesota.


We've also published a book, placed in a Tumblr x Chronicle book contest, and are working on another book.


Read stuff!

Future Cities

In 2012, we published a book with Mill City Press called Future Cities. It's a short fiction compilation featuring our staff writers and contributors like John Jodzio, Kat George and Crispin Best. The cover was designed by Caroline Royce. Check out the lovely alternate cover options she made below.

Find out if the future is bad or good!


About Us

Who is The Tangential?

We're a Creative Collective

We Met in 2010.

A few Minneapolis writers met each other through Tumblr, bars and whatnot, and decided we should start our own creative writing project.


Changing Our Look and Feel

We're always trying to make our site easier to navigate and read. We're currently working with a new theme, so forgive a few bumps in the road.

  • The Tangential has all the fire, but it just doesn't know how to work its angles yet. In the coming weeks, we'll find out if it really cares, or is just here for the makeover.

    Tyra Banks
  • This site made my mom cry ... ?

    Angry Commenter
  • [Beautiful noises with mouth.] You're welcome.

    Bon Iver


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