My Requests for Who Will Replace Michael Strahan on “Kelly and Michael”

My Requests for Who Will Replace Michael Strahan on “Kelly and Michael”

Live! with Kelly and Michael is important to me. It symbolizes getting to wake up when you want and have your coffee with your cat/dog while catching up on the latest celebrity whatever stuff. Aka living the dream. Now that I’m “living the dream” (working freelance) and have returned to this morning routine, Michael Strahan has bounced. What gives? I wish him the best as he departs for Good Morning America, but I hope that the new co-host is one of these Becky-approved choices.

-Boo the Dog

It’s about time there was an animal co-host for a show. Boo wouldn’t talk much, but he would mug for the camera and possibly wear funny hats sometimes. I would also accept Grumpy cat, Marnie the dog, Pudge the cat, or TurboRoo.

-Bernie Sanders

If Bernie gets fully eclipsed by Hill-dog, I hope Kelly Ripa opens her buff arms to him. He’d look great in that chair every morning, and I hear he doesn’t need much styling.

-Tyra Banks

She’s not hosting America’s Next Top Model anymore, so maybe she has time. I did not enjoy her talk show at all, but I miss her made up words like “fierce-a-preneur.”

-Tracy Morgan

He could get every guest pregnant!

Terry Gross 

My favorite podcast host could make J. Law and every actor promoting Marvel movies squirm by asking them all the hard questions.

-Elliot from Mr. Robot

He could just sit there in a black hoodie looking paranoid the whole time. That would be very good.

-Quentin Tarantino

Kelly could talk about workouts where you spell out the ABC’s with your body, and Quentin Tarantino could jitter on about how he knows more about film criticism than today’s  guest.

Dear TV. Please take my humble suggestions and make one of them happen.

Thank you.

Becky Lang