Things “WTF” Could Stand For Besides “Where They From”

Things “WTF” Could Stand For Besides “Where They From”

What Trump Foams

Who’s the Forcestarring Tony Danza and Carrie Fisher

Why Think First?

What?! That’s Funky!

Weiners Taste Funny

Walk to France!

Whoa! Torn Frenulum!

What That Font?

Why Thine Frown?

Whereforeart Thou Felipe?

Whales That Feel

Wilt Thou Fondle?

Wherefore Thy Finger

Weapons That Fire!

Widdle Tiny Fonzie

Wishbone: The Film

Wild Tarzan Fiesta

Whiskey’s Too Fiery

Watermelon Table? Fun!

Wilson the Folleyball

Will the Ferrell

Woman, thy Fury!

World Tradecenter Fabrication

World’s Top Francophile

Walkin’ the Ferret

Woohoo There’s Fireball

Whoops That Failed

Jay BollerBecky Lang, Lisa Olson, Katie Sisneros, Rick Spadine, and Chrissy Stockton