10 Hot New Spotify Playlists

10 Hot New Spotify Playlists

Newsboy Hat

Ding ding! It’s Mr. Sensitive biking by! Scat folk for the guy who knows what “pentameter” means.

No Makeup Selfie

Gurrrl power meets acoustic guitars in this anthemic playlist perfect for your lipstick-free duck lips.

Abusing Benadryl

Pop a couple allergy pills and prep for your deep sleep with some oddly rhythmic whale noises.

African Safari

Someday you’ll go to that country called Africa. For now, Lion King, Taylor Swift and Vampire Weekend!

Perfect Panini

Sandwiches are better grilled. Give that ham and fig jam a soundtrack. That’s amore!

D.J. Dad

Fire up the grill! Dad’s at the helm of this playlist. We might mix up some Springsteen with that new kid Ed Sheeran.

Dogs Welcome

Who let the dogs out? This playlist, that’s who. Prepare to get your dog barking to the beat. Woof!

Post-Brunch Blues

Songs about “bad eggs” to help you get through the moment when bottomless mimosas turn into bottomless ennui.

Oedipus Complex

Rap rock perfect for the angst of wanting to kill your dad and bed your mom.

HPV Blues

Just found out you have HPV? These mellow but confused jams are perfect for hours of Googling whether or not you’re going to die from this.

Becky Lang