20 Things You Never Knew About Cats

20 Things You Never Knew About Cats

-A cat is actually a bunch of smaller cats working together to look like one cat.

-Cats will shut down if you touch them in a certain spot behind their right ear.

-Schrodinger’s cat was arrested during Occupy Wall Street.

-The largest cat on record wasn’t actually as big as you might think he was.

-No cats are named “Jeremy.”

-Cats are extremely racist.

-Despite adapting T.S. Eliot’s work into a play called “Cats,” Andrew Lloyd Weber was a firm dog man.

-Mark Twain owned a cat, but misplaced it.

-Barack Obama made having a cat legal in 2010.

-Cats hate black holes.

-There is no word for “cat” in Spanish.

-More than 21 cats together is called a “Winking of Cats.”

-During the aurora borealis, cats shed exactly one tear.

-Many cats have attempted and failed to learn to ski.

-Siamese cats glow in the dark.

-“Caterpillars” are so named because they kind of look like long cats, like a cat pillar.

-All work and no play makes cats dull widdle boys.

-Cats procreate by scratching whiskers together. The babies are then hiccuped out of the mom’s mouth.

-NASA is pretty sure they got all the cats off the moon this time.

-Cats don’t actually poo in litter boxes. They just like how litter feels on their delicate feet.

-Bonus Thing: Cat actually stands for “cool animal! thanks!” because people gave them as presents before anyone even knew what they were

Becky Lang and Katie Sisneros, plus Rick Spadine on that last one.