If Haruki Murakami Were Editor-in-Chief of Playboy

If Haruki Murakami Were Editor-in-Chief of Playboy

Table of Contents

1. Letter From the Editor: It Occurred to Me at a Baseball Game that I Could Edit Playboy

2. Girls of the Month: 5 Girls with Particularly Cute Ears

3. Which of America’s Sexiest Women Can Unpeel and Eat an Orange in an Uncanny Way?

4. Advice of the Month: When the Complicated Girl’s Boyfriend Burns Barns and Wants You to Join

5. 10 Women Whose Names Also Reflect the Color of Their Personality

6. So You’ve Gotten that Cute Girl from Elementary School Pregnant by Sleeping with a Forlorn Teenager During a Mystical Storm. Now What?

7. Gift Season: How to Give the Woman in Your Life a Box Containing the Emptiness within You Both

8. Five Cutty Sark Cocktails that Go Well with Jazz

9. 12 Clairvoyant Teenage Girls We Hope Never Reach 18

10. 4 Simple Meals Perfect for Eating While Standing in the Kitchen in the Dark, Wondering if That Friend You Saw in the Corner of Your Room Was Really There, or Just an Erotic Dream

11. Your Cat Went Missing. Will Your Wife Be Next?

12. Fashion Porn: Simple Clothes, Neatly Folded

Becky Lang