Lesser-Known Wedding Traditions

Lesser-Known Wedding Traditions

1. The Candlelit Sister Kiss

2. Bridal and Groomal Belly Bump

3. The Yellers Yell of Eternal Flaggelation

4. The Dance of Mr. Funky Socks

5. The Wedding Milkcrate

6. The Traditional Jumping Bridesmaids’ Photo Except the One Bridesmaid Who Timed Hers Badly (Thanks, Becky)

7. Street Dog Runs In

8. The Bride’s Virgin Sacrifice

9. Milkshakes for Everyone!

10. The Father’s Weeping

11. The Draping of the Slovenian Cowbell

12. The Laying of the Younger Brother

13. Solemn Nod to Flavian the Mirror Ghost

14. Traditional Regurgitation of Cardamom Sea Salt Almonds

15. Who’s Gettin Antlered?

16. Traditional Repurposing of Jarts 2

17. The Throwing of the Shoes of the Tertiary Bridesmaid

18. Pantsing of the Father

19. Find the Glass in the Wedding Cake!

20. The Drip of the Matronly Disappointment Tear Masked as Joy

21. Coital Stigmata

22. The Blessing of the Bridal Mop

23. The Unwelcome Arrival of Chad F.

24. The Swarm of Bees Processional

25. The Salting of the Rim

Katie Sisneros, Chrissy Stockton, Becky Lang

Photo by cem muhammed dogan