7 Future Makeup Trends

7 Future Makeup Trends

Baby Dolling. Replacing your eyes with fake eyes that are controlled by a switch on the back of your head.

Browstrology. Shaving off your eyebrows and replacing them with tattoos of your star sign.

Kettlelips. A small kettlebell you attach to your upper lip to make your mouth kegels more challenging.

Pool Face. Attaching a tiny water bottle to the top of your hairline that intermittently releases chlorinated water all over your face, so you always look like you just stepped out of a pool.

Sloth Contouring. Regular contouring but used to make your face look like the universally beloved animal, the sloth. See also: sloth manicure.

Crying. Applying your makeup as usual but then compelling yourself to cry to give yourself that, “I just cried” look.

Oil Licking. Putting coconut oil all over your face, leaving it there for thirty minutes, and then letting your dog lick it off.

Becky Lang