Thoughts on the New Star Wars Trailer, and The New Star Wars In General

Thoughts on the New Star Wars Trailer, and The New Star Wars In General

Ah! The trailer for the new Star Wars is here. The child in me that used to watch Return of the Jedi every day is so excited! Here are my initial reactions to all of this.

1. The trailer – Cool Style, Zero Plot Hints

Wow. The trailer makes Star Wars: The Force Awakens seem like a surrealist horror film. The score sounds like a swarm of bees chasing you. Everyone is either popping up in horror or running (or in the case of droids, rolling) away from something. That is up until the one minute mark, when the classic Star Wars music comes on, and we get to see the Millennium Falcon, also flying away from something, but hopefully in a more triumphant manner.  The style is cooler than I expected from J.J. Abrams. At the end, I realized that I have no idea what happens in this movie. It could arguably be a trailer for the idea of Star Wars in general as much as for a particular movie.

2. J.J. Abrams likes to wing things

We all found this out the hard way by watching six seasons of Lost, only to see the show fly into the trashcan at the series finale, like a broken paper airplane. We counted on him to have a secret, mastermind plot behind the whole series, something that would tie it all neatly together to say something as big and philosophical as its philosophically-named characters. But that didn’t really happen. I feel like this trailer is also a side effect of J.J. Abrams winging what he’s going to do with Star Wars, and not wanting to commit to a plot yet.

3. Is winging plots bad?

I judge J.J. Abrams for this, but I always do this when I write fiction. I think I use it as an excuse to judge J.J. Abrams mostly because I found Lost very overhyped.

4. Will there be any stylistic elements of Felicity in the new Star Wars?

We’re all waiting for it to be addictive, ponderous and sexy like Lost, but I want to know if it will be as angsty and adorable as Abrams’ other hit series, Felicity.

5. J.J. Abrams is an appropriately divisive director for the new Star Wars.

The concept of Disney creating more Star Wars movies is divisive anyway, especially since the prequels were all pretty garbage-y, and we’re all kind of wondering if we didn’t learn our lesson to stop messing with a masterpiece. I’m glad they chose a director as sloppy yet ambitious as J.J. Abrams, because it gives this film equal chances of being good and horrible. It sets our expectations at a pretty good place.

6. The cast seems good.

Adam Driver? Lupita Nyong’O? You got me.

After seeing this trailer, I’m going to set my expectations on “high.” This could be dangerous.

Becky Lang