More Details About The (Still Mysterious) Minneapolis Taco Delivery Service Taco Cat

More Details About The (Still Mysterious) Minneapolis Taco Delivery Service Taco Cat


This week in Minneapolis-is-kinda-Portlandia-ish news, word started spreading about a new bike delivery taco company called Taco Cat (get it? It’s a palindrome.). Because they are basically shrouded in mystery, I reached out to one of their leaders, who prefers to go by “Church,” for more details. (Note: he preferred his name not be shared. Other note: I don’t think I know who he is IRL so hey it’s a bigger city than we thought.)

Who is behind Taco Cat? Are you guys connected to any other local stuff?

There are a lot of people behind Taco Cat. The entire thing would have fallen apart without the hard work and help from the amazing bike community in this city. Especially The Alt bike shop. Show those guys some love.

Taco Cat has three rules. Safety first. Then teamwork. Then some fucking discretion. Up until now this was a side project for all of us. And it wasn’t always exactly legal. We just give everyone a nickname and we usually go by that. I’m Church and my business partner is Sandlot. I suppose we’re in charge.

What are your guys’ taco-making chops? Connections to any restaurants?

I’ve spent a lot of time working at Sea Salt Eatery, which, in my opinion, is the best place to get tacos (at least of the sea food variety) in the cities. At least up until they close at 8 p.m. Then you’re all stuck with us.

We’ve both worked in delivery for years. Jimmy John’s mainly. As much as I don’t personally agree with that company’s business practices, it offered us steady jobs with a decent income. That’s nothing to scoff at.

Where are the Taco Cat tacos made?

Deep in the heart of a volcano. Actually, we rent commercial kitchen space at Midtown Global Market. It fits our needs and budget well.

What are the top 3 misconceptions about Taco Cat?

I don’t really know. Up until a few days ago we weren’t really known at all. We kept the entire thing small for a reason. I just hope we can live up to expectations.

If someone were to order from one block outside your radius, should they walk one block and stand on the line to receive their tacos?

That’s up to Sandlot and the other bikers. I just cook.

Are you guys going to have bike delivery costumes like the Galactic Pizza costumes down the line? Cat masks?

Have you ever worked a job with a required amount of “flair”? Perhaps a movie theater where you’re forced to wear a bow tie? We have, and we sure as hell aren’t going to force anyone to wear anything they don’t want to.

Happy taco-eating MPLS.

Becky Lang