A Not Very Definitive List of Emoji that Need to Exist


My favorite Emoji is the Edvard Munch “Scream” emoji, which is both very referential to old art and incredibly useful. It is perfect for texting my boyfriend things like, “It’s snowing,” “Pretty Little Liars is a repeat tonight” and “there are no cheese samples at Kowalski’s.”

Now I want these emoji to exist:

-Boo the dog

-A Pizza Roll

-Lana Del Rey and Lorde frowning at one another

-A chicken nugget

-Terry Richardson (as a good response to inappropriate photo texts)

-A knitting mom

-A birth control pill

-Paul Bunyan


-The pope

-Bill Gates looking sad

-Some kind of pictographic symbol that means “why are you texting me before 8 a.m. you crazy person”

-Madonna’s arm

-A tampon

-Jesus holding a cell phone

-Shia LeBeouf with a bag on his head

-A Buzzfeed quiz with a huge question mark next to it

-John Cusak being incredibly relatable

-A ‘d’ in a box

-Kanye and Kim on a motorcycle

-A tramp stamp

-Lindsay Lohan in that iconic picture where she is drunk in her car

-A MiniDisc player

-A sloth

-Schrödinger’s cat

-A teenager holding a handwritten sign about bullying in front of their chest


-A pregnant belly

-Flo from Progressive commercials

-Beyonce getting a ring on it

There are so many more though what did I forget?

Becky Lang