Top Five Signs That Macklemore Is Being Held Hostage by the Illuminati

The annual Grammy Award Ceremony is an exciting event in which industry movers and shakers get together to enjoy performances by the year’s biggest acts and honor outstanding achievements in the field of music. At least, that’s what they want you to believe. In reality, of course, it’s an excuse for the shadowy elites who run the world to revel in their power over a brainwashed populace, while consolidating their hold on the mass mind through occult symbolism, wanton sexuality and subliminal messaging.

This year’s festivities were, without a doubt, some of the most disturbing to date. You had Jay-Z and Beyoncé throwing up Moloch horns as they sang about “grinding up in this club,” some spasmodic Wednesday Addams wannabe who called herself “Lord” standing in front of a eerie demon statue, outlining her plans for world domination, and… hmm, I feel like I’m forgetting something… what was it… um… oh, now I remember! Katy Perry popped out of a crystal ball and cavorted on a broomstick while conjuring up a ring of hellfire! That kind of blatant Satanic imagery just goes to show how brazen our masters have become, faced with a docile and oblivious American public.

But there was a ray of light amid the darkness, if you knew where to look. I’m talking, of course, about Macklemore. An independent success story of historic proportions, the “Thrift Shop” auteur rose to acclaim outside of the traditional (Illuminati) channels, and the positive messages he continues to spread through his rap songs are evidence that he hasn’t yet fallen into line with the New World Order. As a result of his defiance, I believe, he was kidnapped and is now being held hostage by the Illuminati. The chance to perform at the Grammys was simply a bargaining chip in their grand scheme of seduction, but the gambit backfired, as Macklemore managed to seed his performance of hit single “Same Love” with numerous subtle clues pertaining to his situation. Here are just a few…

Macklemore’s tie


The first hint that something may be awry comes as soon as Macklemore takes the stage. That strange object hanging around his neck? It’s a bolo tie. The silver and turquoise clasps commonly used to fasten this style of tie are a staple of Hopi, Navajo, Zuni and Pueblo silversmithing traditions stretching back to the 20th Century. By wearing an article produced by and associated with the indigenous peoples of North America, an ethnic group infamously subjugated by European colonizers, could he be alluding to the Illuminati’s ongoing efforts to subjugate him? If that’s not direct enough for you, consider that “BOLO” is an acronym for “Be On the Look Out.” Clearly, Macklemore wants us to know that not everything here is as it seems.

Closing the gate


During the final lines of Macklemore’s third verse, Queen Latifah emerges from the transparent gate on his left, which opens without being pushed. The female rap artist, a known representative of the Illuminati, begins to speak: “We are gathered here to celebrate love and harmony…” As she says this, a bearded man scurries across the stage and manually shuts the gate behind her. Why would he make this conspicuous move, when he could have left the gate open and no one would have noticed anything out of the ordinary? It’s almost as if he wanted to be seen—and in fact, that’s precisely the case. An agent in Macklemore’s employ going incognito as a stagehand, he shuts the gate during Latifah’s speech to indicate that the rapper has “closed the door” on Illuminati members’ deceitful words. We’d do well to follow his example.

Ryan Lewis puts his arm around Queen Latifah, looks sad


This isn’t something Macklemore could have arranged, but it’s telling nonethless. Just as Queen Latifah declares the 33 couples assembled offstage to be married, Macklemore’s so-called friend and collaborator, Ryan Lewis, walks up and slips his arm around her before walking away. Stranger still, while she’s clearly happy, Lewis wears a doleful expression. This becomes much less puzzling when you recognize the gesture’s true meaning: by placing his arm around Latifah (as mentioned above, a known Illuminati shill), Lewis acknowledges his “marriage” or partnership with the Illuminati, and admits to giving Macklemore up to their forces. Like Judas, he’s stricken with regret for his betrayal after the fact, hence the melancholy look.

“F” is for Freemasonry


Just before the second chorus, a wide shot lingers on singer Mary Lambert and several members of Macklemore’s backing band. The trumpet player, already conspicuous due to his magenta outfit, is depicted in profile, blocking the bassist from view. Outlining his body and raised trumpet, along with the protruding neck of the bass guitar, creates a very legible capital “F.” The triangular shape of the bass guitar’s headstock makes the lower arm of the “F” resemble an arrow pointing at Lambert, who holds her hand to her heart as if to draw attention to herself. By positioning his collaborators in this way, Macklemore was most likely fingering Lambert as a Freemason affiliate—possibly a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, which admits women. The Masons are hand in glove with the Illuminati, so it wouldn’t be stretch to assume they were also involved in the conspiracy against Macklemore.

Mysterious “eye” symbol


Throughout the entire performance, an unusual symbol hovers in the bottom-right quadrant of the frame, its semitransparency rendering it nearly invisible to the unwary viewer. A circle containing a pointed ellipse with another, smaller circle floating in its center, it resembles a stylized depiction of the human eye. To anyone versed in Illuminati iconography, this will be easily recognized as a reference to the Eye of Providence—the very same symbol present on the back of American dollar bills. It’s doubtful that the Illuminati would be bold enough to put their own “stamp” on the Grammy broadcast. Much more likely, it was Macklemore who wanted to draw attention to their influence over the proceedings.