New Kids on the Block: The Best Quotes From Their 1989 Group Biography

New Kids on the Block: The Best Quotes From Their 1989 Group Biography

New Kids on the Block

“The demand for them in Japan is so great, the Kids were flown there for the sole purpose of meeting fans, giving interviews to magazines and the country’s MTV, performing on the popular Japanese TV show Funky Tomato, and posing for photographs.”

“Over 100,000 phone calls per week flood the New Kids 900 number. Associated Press recently cited the number as one of the most successful 900 numbers.”

“‘We’re city kids,’ says Jordan. ‘They say we’re street kids, but we’re really not street kids. We’re city kids who hung out on the streets.'”

“New Kids manager Dick Scott says, ‘[Maurice] Starr decided to go one step further after New Edition by creating a group with five young white boys. White middle America hasn’t had a group like this since the Osmonds.'”

“The first time the New Kids performed in public was at a prison on Deer Island, Massachusetts. Though the experience was somewhat unnerving, the New Kids put on a great show. ‘They loved us!’ says Donnie enthusiastically.”

“The guys were careful about the tough, streetwise image they were giving the band. They wanted to be sure that kids realized they were both streetwise and good. ‘A lot of people associate musicians with drugs, craziness, and bad people,’ says Jon. ‘But that’s not what we want this group to be.'”

“Besides drinking tea and using tons of hairspray to keep their hair in place, the New Kids have a long list of things they like to do before every concert. Donnie, for one, has a personal lucky superstition that’s worked for him through the band’s last few headlining shows. Inspired by the success of recent stars Don Johnson and George Michael, Donnie never shaves before going onstage.”

“A New Kids concert is a happening.”

“Donnie’s favorite singer is Bobby Brown, and when Donnie is interviewed he sometimes breaks into rappin’ rhymes.”

“Donnie’s favorite way to spend an evening with a girl is to go to a nice restaurant for a quiet dinner, followed by a movie or a walk around Boston. In the summer months, he likes to go to amusement parks, but he makes it clear to the girl he’s with that he doesn’t like going on Ferris wheels. ‘I won’t ever go on another one,’ he confesses. ‘I just think they are the most dangerous ride in an amusement park. They’re so easy to fall out of.'”

“Danny is deeply attached to a teddy bear that was given to him when he was born. ‘I’ve had it with me all my life,’ he says. ‘They don’t make them any more, so I guess you can call it an antique.'”

“Serious-minded and a perfectionist, Jordan is a thinker. His favorite play is Julius Caesar.”

“Joe, who describes himself as ‘funny and peaceful,’ is very concerned with problems in the world, such as war, poverty, and drugs. He claims that if he had one wish he’d like to end homelessness. Charming, funny, and caring, Joe says his favorite kind of girls are ‘nice, cool, smart, chilled, and fine.'”

“The New Kids have [a tour] bus to themselves—and it is complete with everything they need. There are five beds where the guys rest between shows; in the rear of the bus is an area Jon calls ‘the living room,’ with a refrigerator, stereo, sofa, TV, a VCR, and a selection of Nintendo video games and movies (including some of the guys’ favorites, such as Tootsie).”

“Jordan’s favorite book: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.”

“What makes Jon sad: War and indifference.”

“What makes Joe sad: War.”

“Donnie’s favorite actress: Cher.”

“Danny’s favorite actress: Cher.”

“Donnie, on changing the world: ‘I would like to meet Mikhail Gorbachev. I think it would be great to sit in a room with him and talk about the situation in the world and try to make peace.'”

“Danny, on the band: ‘A lot of people say we’re all-American and clean-cut, and that’s what we are. But we’re all-city, too.'”

– compiled by Jay Gabler