“Lord of the Rings” Cast Commentary Drinking Game

“Lord of the Rings” Cast Commentary Drinking Game

Take a small sip when…

…someone gratuitously compliments another cast member (if you took a full drink every time this happened, you wouldn’t make it through disc 1 of Fellowship without passing out)

Take a drink when…

…anyone says “pathos”

…anyone mentions their accent problems

…anyone nerds out about maps

…anyone says how pissed-off they were that a scene of theirs in the extended edition was cut from the theatrical release

…Christopher Lee refers to Saruman in the first person (“Although I don’t appear as often in this film, my influence is still felt throughout because…”)

…Sean Astin says something simple and everyone tells him what a great point he just made

…Sean Astin mentions his wife or kids

…someone says, “Actually, here we were just looking at a tennis ball on a stick.”

…someone talks about how pleased Peter Jackson was with an acting choice they made

…someone accidentally admits that they didn’t actually understand something that was happening in the story

…Orlando Bloom talks about how hard it was to play an invincible, perfect, gorgeous character

…John Rhys-Davies mentions a city in Europe or a screen legend he once knew

…Ian McKellen gives another actor a backhanded compliment (“Christopher Lee has been in so…many films”)

Finish your drink when…

…Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan tell the story about the time they made up an imaginary game out of boredom and Elijah Wood thought it was real and wanted to play it again

…one of the hobbit actors quotes John Rhys-Davies’s Indiana Jones character

…anyone actually admits that one of their extended edition scenes was cuttable

…”The caterers were beautiful people.”

Waterfall when…

…Orlando Bloom says, “like…” as a pause because he’s trying to figure out what to say. Every time he says it again, the next person starts drinking. Everyone keeps drinking until another cast member finally interrupts him

– Lindsay DeLand, Jay Gabler, and Dana Hanson