The Ten Most Awkward Moments In “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”

The Ten Most Awkward Moments In “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”

Peppermint Patty tells Charlie Brown to “just save me a drumstick and the neck”

No wonder she wants to keep “these intimate details” between the two of them.

Snoopy has a boxing match with the lawn chair

The only possible explanation for this is that one of Charles Schulz’s girlfriends thought it would be funny, and told him so during one of their ice-rink hand-holding sessions.

A dozen toasters appear out of nowhere

Between their overabundance of kitchen appliances and their overstuffed garage, the Browns clearly have a hoarding issue.

Charlie Brown fails to recognize Snoopy in his pilgrim costume

“What? Oh hi, Snoopy” is the original “Oh hi, doggie.”

Franklin and Charlie Brown clasp hands and have a low-five

Why are we shown this little greeting, but not Peppermint Patty slapping Chuck on the ass?

Franklin sits alone at dinner

A screencap of the one black kid being made to sit all by himself is widely circulated every November on Tumblr, usually accompanied by GIFs that unsubtly allege racism. That’s a little unfair—Charles Schulz went out of his way to include an African-American character, when it would have been very easy to keep the Peanuts gang white and avoid ruffling any feathers at a time when school integration was still a widely contentious issue in many communities that were filling Schulz’s pockets by running his strip—but you do have to wonder whether any animator looked at that seating arrangement and said, “You know…”

Linus tries to relive his Christmas-pageant moment of glory

Linus’s little speech before Thanksgiving dinner was clearly meant to evoke the same atmosphere of hushed reverence as his famous Bible story in A Charlie Brown Christmas, but that was never going to work even if he hadn’t ignored that whole genocide situation.

Linus can’t stop talking about Captain Myles Standish

The massacres overseen by Standish set the brutal tone of European settlement for the next 300 years, but Linus seems to have pinups of the colonial leader hanging in his locker.

The gang sings totally out of sync

It looks like all the kids are sitting together in the back seat singing “Over the River and Through the Woods,” but their mismatched voices make clear that the young actors were recorded in totally separate singing sessions and patched together as best the audio engineers could manage—which wasn’t very well.

Woodstock eats another bird

After the kids leave for Grandma’s, Snoopy busts out with the turkey he’s been holding out on and carves it up for himself and his avian friend. Woodstock chows down with relish.

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

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