Girly Essay Collections to Self-Publish When I’m 30

Girly Essay Collections to Self-Publish When I’m 30

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Pussy: When Cats See Too Much

Porcelain: Accomplishments, High Scores and Mental Breakdowns on the Toilet

Why are you all staring at me? Did I get period on my pants? and Other Paranoid Girl Moments

When Tequila Did Not Mean Fiesta: Feelings from the Stomach

Sorry, I Was Drunk: Relationships I’ve Ruined via Text

That Was Not My Best Idea: Streaking, Speeding and Cheating

What to Expect When You’re Not Expecting (Or Even Considering)

Feelings: All the Time, All up in Your Face

All My Friends Are Drunk Already, but I Just Got Here

You Smell Like My Dad: Tales of Boys I Shouldn’t Date

Why Do You Hate Me, and Why Do You Hate When I Ask That?

I Can’t Stop Crying, and I Don’t Know Why: Milestones in Young Womanhood

– Heidi Thomasoni is going to be huge on someday.

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