Products to Accompany Google Glass and Smart Shoe

Products to Accompany Google Glass and Smart Shoe

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Google Skin: This data-encrypted silicon is applied directly to the body, much like sunscreen. The silicon dries on contact and acts as an impenetrable shield for the entire person. Google Skin will interpret sensations of everyday living, such as change in temperature, texture and pressure, and advise you in the most appropriate reaction. Should you doze off on the beach, venture into the snow without a coat, or wander over a pile of broken glass, Google Skin will instantly message your brain with an alert: You are burning! You are cold! You are lacerating your (not so bare) feet! Google Skin informs you of the exact temperature, humidity, pollution level, etc in your environment. Learn immediately the exact makeup and origins of whatever material you touch. Lessen or enhance the sensation of contact with other people or objects. Google Skin is available in a diverse variety of shades.

Google Chew: Google Chew measures your metabolic activity and alerts you when your body needs fuel, specifying what type of food would benefit you most at that given moment. Google Chew informs you when and what to eat, based on your accrued physical activity, allergies, blood sugar, etc. Google Chew takes the time and guesswork out of managing your personal diet and recognizing hunger!

Google Pal: Google Pal uses information from your social network profiles/online activity to construct your personalized virtual companion, your Pal. Google Pal determines your most favored friend qualities, and combines them to create your ideal Pal. Google Pal allows you to experience all the best qualities in your vast friend group in a single interaction. Google Pal will follow and contribute to your Facebook posts, Twitter Feed, Pinterest Board, etc. Combine all of your contacts into a single Pal, or delegate themed Pals based on common interest groups, gender, age, etc.

Google Spar (program available through Google Pal): Take the stress and discomfort out of personal disputes. Arguing parties can program their individual Pals to mediate a dispute, then privately deliver a binding, unbiased resolution. Google Spar eliminates the need for face-to-face confrontation. Google Spar allows each party to deliver their strongest feelings without the tension of actual face to face communication!

Google Pick: This state-of-the-art program informs and enlightens your every decision, from a lunch order to a career path. Similar to Google Pal, Google Pick uses a personalized logarithm to determine your specific preferences, weaknesses and ultimate goals. Google Pick takes into account your exact location, current social, physical and mental activity, and future interests to advise your choice. (Google Pick is a voluntary program and is not liable for any misguided choices.)

– Katya Karaz