The Whiny Girls’ Guide to Camping

The Whiny Girls’ Guide to Camping

To whine about hourly:

How tired you are
How cold you are
How bad your hair looks
How bad you smell
How nice your bed would be right now
How there is no one around to see your cute outfit
How thirsty/hungry you are
How badly you want a hot shower

To whine about 2-3 times daily:

Camp food
How heavy your pack is
How this is worse than the cramps from your last period
Dirt under your fingernails
How much you deserve a back rub
How horribly you slept last night
How your tent is too cramped for sex

To whine about once a day:

How hard the ground is
How difficult it is to start a fire
How heavy the bottle of tequila is
How you haven’t seen a single bear
How you deserve a medal for doing this
How much better you are than “city” girls*
How you’re never doing this again

*Note: girls who camp consistently remind people they are the only girl who likes to camp.

-Heidi Thomasoni

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