Just Some of Our Dream Netflix Categories

Just Some of Our Dream Netflix Categories

Dramedies about British Teenagers Who Call Each Other “Twat” a Lot

Disney Stars Gone Wild

Uses Kate Nash as Background Music

Learn Dirty Words in Another Language

Matt Smith

The Next Friends, We Promise

Dramas About Pubescent Athletic Girls Whose Parents Have Affairs

Smart Movies About Drugs

Sci-Fi Series Starring Aliens Who Would Make Terrible Boyfriends

Dramatic Movies Starring Actresses Usually in Dumb Movies

Animated Shows for Young Adults Who Wish They Still Did Drugs

“Before They Were Yuppy”

Sexy Dramas Set in Cities You’re Too Poor to Move To

Mormon Wives Pretending to Be Happy

Girls Who Have Better Relationships With Their Mom Than You Do

Toddlers Surprisingly Precocious Despite Their Idiot Mothers

Instagram Filter Credit Sequences

Movies Starring Women Who Look Like Drag Queens

Fantasy Series With Professionally Waxed Heroines

Reality TV Shows Starring People from Your Local Bar

Gritty Series That Make The Apocalypse Look Like Fun

Lisa Olson and Becky Lang