The Best Lyrics from the Best Magnetic Fields Songs

The Best Lyrics from the Best Magnetic Fields Songs

There was nowhere to run away to
When you were my baby
Everybody began to hate you
When you were my baby
(“When You Were My Baby,” 1992)

You’ll see the world
Diving for a girl you’ll never find
And then we’ll quietly grow old
The saddest story ever told
(“The Saddest Story Ever Told,” 1992)

I never thought you’d turn on me ’cause you’re my best friend
You say I never offered you a thing in the end
(“Deep Sea Diving Suit,” 1994)

On a ferris wheel, looking out on Coney Island
Under more stars than there are prostitutes in Thailand
Our hair in the air, our lips blue from cotton candy
When we kiss, it feels like a flying saucer landing
(“Strange Powers,” 1994)

I read your manifestos and your strange religious tracts
You took me to your library and kissed me in the stacks
(“Swinging London,” 1994)

Ciao, you keep on drowning in the roads between the towns
Now I have been closing all the shutters in the house
I know you’ll be back when every tree’s turning brown
You’ll find the house is empty and the swingset fallen down
(“When the Open Road is Closing In,” 1994)

I know you’ve tried
I know you’ve cried
I know you’re died
A little inside but
Baby you could be famous
You could see your marble face all around
Baby you could be famous
If you could just get out of this town
(“Famous,” 1995)

Brian Wilson 1960 and vine
Summer kisses
In a pendleton shirt
Songs and gentle words
Granted wishes
When you look in my eyes I go soft inside
And the sound of your voice sends
Shivers up my spine
And at the slightest touch we’re in love
You and me and the moon
(“You and Me and the Moon,” 1995)

Not for all the tea in China
Not if I could sing like a bird
Not for all North Carolina
Not for all my little words
Not if I could write for you
The sweetest song you ever heard
It doesn’t matter what I do
Not for all my little words
(“All My Little Words,” 1999)

Should pretty boys and discos distract you from your novel
Remember I’m awful in love with you
(“Come Back From San Francisco,” 1999)

I know Professor Blumin
Makes you feel like a woman
But when the wind is in your hair you laugh like a little girl
So you share secrets with Lou
But we’ve got secrets too
Well, one: I only keep this heap for you
‘Cause I’m the ugliest guy on the Lower East Side
But I’ve got wheels, and you want to go for a ride
(“The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side,” 1999)

If I was the Grand Canyon
I’d echo everything you say
But I’m just me, I’m only me
And you used to love me that way
So you know how to love me that way
(“Grand Canyon,” 1999)

An hour goes by
She doesn’t
If you don’t cry, it isn’t love
If you don’t cry, then you just don’t feel it deep enough
(“If You Don’t Cry,” 1999)

Do not listen what’s in my song
Don’t remember it, don’t sing along
Let’s pretend it’s a work of art
Let’s pretend it’s not my heart
Well, I’m sorry that I love you
It’s a phase I’m going through
There is nothing that I can do
And I’m sorry that I love you
(“I’m Sorry I Love You,” 1999)

She always said that you were the one
Who could make her move her cute little bum
You understand where she’s coming from
Which I obviously don’t, or she wouldn’t be gone
(“Acoustic Guitar,” 1999)

So you quote love unquote me
Stranger things have come to be
So let’s agree to disagree
‘Cause I don’t believe you
(“I Don’t Believe You,” 2004)

I don’t have to love you now if I don’t wish to
I won’t see you anyhow if that’s an issue
Because I am a gentle man
Think of me as just your fan
Who remembers every dress you ever wore
Just a bad comedian
Your new boyfriend’s better than
‘Cause I don’t really love you anymore
(“I Don’t Really Love You Anymore,” 2004)

So whistling a circus tune
I inflated one more balloon
And as I floated up, I looked straight down
And I looked all over town
One last time, I looked all over town
(“I Looked All Over Town,” 2004)

They ain’t broke so they put on airs
The faux folk sans derrieres
They breathe coke and they have affairs
With each passing rock star
They come on like squares
Then get off like squirrels
I hate California girls
(“California Girls,” 2008)

Drive on, Randy
It’s all gone wrong
Have some brandy
Sing me a song
(“Drive On, Driver,” 2008)

I know you think I’m insane
I know it’s not appealing
But ’til I’m feeling no pain
Guess what I’ll be feeling?
(“Too Drunk to Dream,” 2008)

I want you crawling back to me
Down on your knees, yeah
Like an appendectomy
Sans anesthesia
(“You Must Be Out of Your Mind,” 2010)

A pity she does not exist, a shame he’s not a fag
The only girl I’ve ever loved is Andrew in drag
(“Andrew in Drag,” 2012)

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