Greetings from the May 2012 Urban Outfitters Catalog

Greetings from the May 2012 Urban Outfitters Catalog

Dear friends and family,

The Urban Outfitters team had a wonderful time last month stirring up controversy with a girl-on-girl kiss! Unfortunately, we got some negative feedback from that one, so this month we’re cleansing our proverbial “acts” by heading to the desert! Don’t worry, we haven’t sacrificed any of our apathetic whimsy or alt tastemaker status—in fact, we’re quite confident that May will be the month of millennials wandering aimlessly into the desert, and we’re prepared to outfit every last one!

Boy, we sure had a blast filling those glossy pages with the alluring American Southwest through the eyes of our elusively enviable models! Of course they’ll gladly tell you it was worth the nauseous light-headed feeling that lasted for weeks, because thanks to them, nothing is more May 2012 than forgetting to bring water bottles and spending hours galavanting up and down sand dunes at high noon wearing the desert-ready Silence + Noise Chiffon Spider Tank Top ($29) or the ultra-breathable byCORPUS Denim Jacket ($79) with custom faux-leather sleeves.

The kids just loved the activities we had planned for them! The first one was the downhill sand-slalom. When you’re a little drunk off the spiritual desert air, your natural instinct is to slowly weave back and forth as you try to make your way to somewhere less “life-depriving,” so our lovely Gina and Margot had no problem with this one. At first we set up these adorably out-of-place traffic cones for them to weave around, but as we should have known, our little trendsetters had no problem finding a path of their own.

Next the grown-ups freshened up inside our cool, white vans while the kids replenished their undying youthful glow by standing outside in the sun some more. They just loved that desert sun!

Sometimes, prolonged exposure to the desert has totally hilarious hallucinogenic effects. Or maybe it was just that peyote patch the talent stumbled upon—you know how kids are! Either way, all were tickled pink when our young Callie spontaneously turned into a walking tumbleweed bush. We had a good laugh while she tried to find her way back to the group, completely unaware that we were all laughing at her lack of self-awareness. No one wants tumbleweed clinging to their lace Thistlepearl Idyll Dress ($99)! We all had to agree, though: her Deena & Ozzy Studded Wood Heels ($69) looked super cute against the weathered, topaz sandstone.

The kids all brought their adorable color-coded cameras along, but of course, instead of taking pictures they just left them sitting on this fold-out table! They got a little warped in the sun, but I think that was a valuable lesson for them about respecting their possessions.

Siri sure had a thing for this little pond she found. She just wouldn’t leave it! We warned her that her Ecote Braided Slingback Sandals ($29) weren’t waterproof, nor her UO East of Wonderland Sunglasses ($14)! She was smart enough to keep her feet dry, but we couldn’t stop her from laying face down in her precious little oasis for hours. Fortunately, at these prices, you can afford to lose a pair or two in a pool of clear, refreshing water. Such a silly girl, that one!

The girls were pretty tired after a long day and wanted to put their feet up on a cactus. Ha! This is actually one of those photo shops, but pretty clever, huh?

Well that’s it for this month! I’ll be sure to write you all about our June exploits. We’re thinking about going to Chernobyl—they have this wonderful broken-down old Ferris Wheel that I’m sure the kids will just love!

Matt Beachey