What I’ve Learned about SXSW Girls in My Attempts to Bag One or More of Them

What I’ve Learned about SXSW Girls in My Attempts to Bag One or More of Them

SXSW girls (cute ones anyway) are all going to yoga tomorrow morning. After all the Foursquaring, networking, and keg-stands off rooftop bars, girls—I’ve found—like to achieve serenity in windowless, beige rooms. Or so I overheard the girls at lunch saying.

SXSW girls (ones who aren’t wearing anything that was made of hemp grown in Oregon anyway) don’t waste time at “authentic” BBQ joints. Don’t overthink it. Girls aren’t at the tin-roofed, internationally-famous BBQ shack next door. They’re at Starbucks. If not there, check the PF Chang’s.

SXSW girls (aforementioned criteria + bookish) like the South By Bookstore on the 4th floor. I’ve never heard of like any of these authors. I buzzed through half of Klosterman’s latest book yesterday, so I’m “into” new stuff. But, these reads are all like Twitter gurus and former brand managers who now set up wi-fi on the ocean floor or something. But, reading is sexy. And these babes like guys who know their way around a Scribner “emerging voice” fan-site.

SXSW girls (especially the one with the smart, little trenchcoat anyway) find conversations about your novel/project/start-up boring. So shut up. It’s a good chance the person you meet at the bar, sushi line, or sharing an outlet on the floor of convention center is as ambitious, talented, and savvy as you—probably more in my case. But talk about the free drinks. Or the weird beard of the last presenter. Or how you say “bear” in Russian. Anything but what people think people down here talk about.

Dunstan McGill

Photo courtesy sandervdv