Pinterest Boards that Capture my True Essence

Pinterest Boards that Capture my True Essence

-What I Want my Boyfriend to Wear Instead of Flannel

-Things I Tell People I “Absolutely Love” so They’ll Like Me

-For My Future, Organically-raised Children that Probably Love Vegetables and Mozart

-For the House I Will Never Afford

-Places I Want to Have Sex with a Hunky Man

-Ideas for my Wedding to Ryan Gosling

-Healthy Shit I Should be Eating

-Clothes I’d Wear When I’m not Enjoying Sweatpants

-Cheap/Easy Stuff I Could Make Look Really Expensive and Give as Gifts

-DIY Things I’ll Never Ever Make but Appreciate Anyway

-Hello Kitty Things I Can Eat

-What My Body Might Look Like if I Quit Eating Immediately After Workouts

-Art to Copy and Say I Thought of

-Lamps with Shit Glued to Them

-Lots of the Same Picture of Picture Frame Arrangements on Walls

-Fluffy Places my Cat Would Like to Sleep

-Everything I Could Potentially Make from a Mason Jar

-Red Velvet Everything aka Stuff I Don’t Mind Getting Fat from

-Bookshelf Porn


-Heidi Thomasoni judges her friends based on their Pinterest boards.

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