Places I’ve Had Sex: Bummer/Boss

Places I’ve Had Sex: Bummer/Boss

Boss: Outdoor hot tub. Midnight, Black Friday, 2006.

Bummer: Parking lot of a Perkins. Mid-afternoon, Black Friday, 2007.

Boss: Back of my ’98 Purple Cavalier, as a horny college kid. 2006.

Bummer: Back of my ’04 Subaru, as a long-distance-dating 26 year old. 2009.

Boss: My girlfriend’s dorm room, Obama’s election night, 2008.

Bummer: A super-shady hotel called the “Cloud 9” off Interstate-29 in Sioux Falls, mid-term election night, 2010.

Boss: A quaint B&B on West Coast of Ireland, Summer 2009.

Bummer: The bathroom of a tacky Irish pub in Sioux Falls, Late Summer 2009.

Boss: A Church, while I was a student resident, Fall-Spring 2005-2007.

Bummer: A Church, after being caught by the Priest who lived down the hall, Most of April and May 2007.

~Dunstan McGill