Pros and Cons of Adderall Abuse

Pros and Cons of Adderall Abuse


-When drinking, it cancels out annoying side effects like memory loss, sleepiness and the inability to hold a coherent talk with a cab driver.

-It’s cheap. One Adderall costs less than a drink.

-It can take you from sleepy to “Where the hell is the after party? Let’s go to that warehouse and chain smoke with those DJ bros.”

-Appetite loss means that you’re less likely to turn to Pop Tarts for comfort.

-It lasts a long time. Unlike coke, you won’t be fishing for more after a quick come-down.

-It gives you more fight in a crowd and more pep pep pep in your small talk.

-Sudden, intent, even obsessive ability to focus means you can pump out huge projects while everyone else is still asleep.

-Adderall has become more “culturally relevant” than Ritalin.


-Sometimes you get the “Adderall bitchies,” where you suddenly feel snobbish and “over things” or into kicking someone out of your house.

-If you smoke, prepare to see your smoking habit explode. It must turn on some Nicotine-loving receptors or something.

-Long-lasting alertness means that accidentally taking too much will destroy your sleep schedule for days.

-Prescription pills can make you seem like a “wanna-be” drug user.

-It makes you think you can drink and drink and drink and drink.

-It’s like your period – whenever you’re upset, someone will just blame it on the Adderall.

-Rachel Green

-Photo by ChelseaM.