What Your Favorite Justin Bieber Song Says About YOU

What Your Favorite Justin Bieber Song Says About YOU

OK everyone loves the Biebs these days, whether you’re a teenage dad living in Phoenix, Tyler, the Creator from Odd Future, or just your average tween girl in America. But what’s your fave JB track? Do you have a favorite, or many favorites? Have you compiled a playlist with your favorite Bieber hits arranged in the perfect order? Did you upload it to your Touch? Well, today I’m going to break down for you what YOUR favorite Justin Bieber song says about You.

“U Smile”

You’ve got a real sensitive side, and that’s totally cool! You’re not afraid to dig into the ballads. You appreciate the piano on the bridge. Biebs has got a lot of soul power for a teenage white guy from Canada, doesn’t he??? Have you seen the video? That could be you, or me, or both of us if we share a ride. The point is, dreams do come true. Sometimes they do. This is your favorite.

“Somebody to Love”

Alright, who doesn’t need somebody to love? This one is totes relatable for everyone on earth. Not only that, but it’s kind of undeniable, you know? The beat just goes. I’ve been known to put this on repeat for several hours while I do laundry and clean my bathroom and call my Mom and clean my kitchen. Also, if you’re going to a party. It can be perfect for that, too!

“Kiss & Tell”

OK, I am a Biebs completist, so I know what song you’re talking about, but seriously dude, “Kiss & Tell”? I don’t like to use this word, but seems like a hipster choice to me. Who are you trying to impress? This is like buried as a bonus track on the re-release. C’mon man, this cannot be your real favorite. “One Less Lonely Girl” is easily better than this song, and that is only just my fourth-favorite Bieber song (but this article isn’t about my favorites!). Plus the lyrics. “I don’t want to see a tweet about JB”? That doesn’t even make sense. No JB tweet is ever wrong. Get the eff out, you know?

“Eenie Meenie”

OK, whether you’re the indecisive one, or you’ve known some special someone who can’t make up his or her mind, this is only too relatable! Guys, is she always checking her phone on a date? Girls, c’mon, does he say “I love you” back when you say it? All I’m saying is, we’ve been there. This song says it all. Plus, it’s got that certain feel-good vibe that I for one cannot resist at all. You’ve got good taste. This is your favorite.

“One Time”

This one kind of says it all, so I think I’ll stop here. A simple love song. An inspiring message. Tell me you haven’t sung along. You have, I saw you sing along. There’s something about being excited about a person even if you aren’t sure when you’ll see him or her again. Maybe you should tell that person how you really feel. Now, how are we going to tell JBiebs himself how we really feel? Maybe we’ll have to settle for a retweet.

Stephen Tully Dierks edits some magazine and contributes to some website but usually just spends his day listening to tha Biebs and anxiously refereshing his all-time favorite blog.