The Tangential Gets Tussed Up and Live Tweets ‘The Little Mermaid’

The Tangential Gets Tussed Up and Live Tweets ‘The Little Mermaid’

Last night, celebrity Har Mar Superstar took acid and went to a screening of Justin Bieber’s movie–in 3D. He live tweeted the event for all to read, with the hashtag #AcidBieber3D. This morning, we at The Tangential felt inspired, and decided to drink several bottles of Robitussin and live-tweet our way through a screening of “The Little Mermaid.” What a trip! We’ve posted some of our most thought-altering tweets.

We all know Ariel is DTF #TussedUpLilMermaid

How the fuck does Ariel maintain such a perfect combover underwater? #TussedUpLilMermaid

King Triton has nipples that could make a seahorse go neigh. #TussedUpLilMermaid

That bitch Flounder be looking like crazy good sushi. #TussedUpLilMermaid

Ursula shoots ink lol. #TussedUpLilMermaid

I have a strangulation fetish #heyursula #TussedUpLilMermaid

Part of her world/poon lol #TussedUpLilMermaid

Mermaids pee where they drink #TussedUpLilMermaid

I liked her better before she got legs. #TussedUpLilMermaid

Dude this popcorn tastes like wild cherry wait thats the tussin tee hee #TussedUpLilMermaid

Dude they keep telling me to go under the sea. What does that mean, what should I do, omfg geeking out. #TussedUpLilMermaid

I got no thingamabobs ;( #TussedUpLilMermaid

Oh wait now I got some thingamabobs #swag #based #TussedUpLilMermaid

Is Ariel a down-ass bitch or a five-star bitch? #TussedUpLilMermaid


Lol flotsam lololol #TussedUpLilMermaid

LIL M THE BASED GOD #TussedUpLilMermaid

-Jason Zabel and Sarah Heuer