Mad Libs: Performance art talkback

Mad Libs: Performance art talkback

ARTIST: Wow! That was really [adjective]. Thank you all so much for coming out tonight. Last night’s crowd was really [adjective], but you guys—whoa. Anyway, we thought we’d just have a really informal talkback here, where we try to explain what we’re doing and then we take [plural noun] from you.

So basically, this piece we [verb]ed tonight started with a simple question: How much [verb]ing can we get away with? (Laughter.) No, really. We’ve all been reading a lot of [famous intellectual writer], and we really wanted to push those ideas.

Once we had that foundation, we brought in the idea of setting the piece on a [vehicle]. Creating that on stage was tricky, so we ended up going with a minimal approach: just a few chairs and a [noun]. That choice, to us, emphasizes that the piece is not about the [noun], it’s about the journey.

Okay, well, let’s take some questions! You, sir, in the [article of clothing].

AUDIENCE MEMBER #1: Thank you. I found this piece very moving—in fact, I [verb]ed. It really reminded me of the great work by [artist], which I saw in 1972 in a [city name] coffee shop called The Hairy [noun]; it closed long ago. Tonight, I felt that same energy passing from you to the audience, like a collectively shared [sound your body makes]. Is that what you had in mind?

ARTIST: Absolutely, yes. You’re very insightful, and very [adjective]. Thank you so much. Other questions? Yes—you there, sitting right behind [name of a person].

AUDIENCE MEMBER #2: Yes, thank you. I also enjoyed the piece, but it left me with a strange feeling of [emotion]. It took me to a place, but I don’t know where. I’d like to ask you about the music: how did you decide that [musical artist] was the best choice for this piece?

ARTIST: Well, that was a collaborative decision. We wanted to deliberately disorient you, and to invite associations with [historical event]. How that music makes you feel is not up to us, it’s up to you and your [body part]. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece. Thank you. I think we have time for one more question. Yes? You in the back, waving your [body part].

AUDIENCE MEMBER #3: Thank you. I was so impressed by the way that immediately, you came on stage and broke the fourth [noun]. To me, the [noun] you brought on stage was a very, very powerful metaphor for your relationship with [name of a person]. Was that something you two talked about together before the show?

ARTIST: Oh, we didn’t so much talk about it as [verb] about it. That beautiful, frankly erotic moment we shared at [place]…I’ll never forget. And I’ll never forget any of you. Thank you for sharing this evening with us, and now we’d like to invite you all to join us at [place] for some wine, some [food], and maybe even some [bodily fluid].

Jay Gabler