Things You Wonder While Watching “Annabelle: Creation”

Things You Wonder While Watching “Annabelle: Creation”

How does a chair elevator built in the 1940s know whether or not you have the seatbelt fastened?

Does the Vatican know about this nun hearing confessions and talking about an apocryphal “Book of Charlotte”?

Logically, shouldn’t the disembodied spirit need a body instead of a soul?

Why does Janice lean forward in her wheelchair like Barbara Walters interviewing Christopher Reeve?

When the priests lock the possessed doll in a room wallpapered with Bible pages, why do they bother giving her a chair?

Is it really constructive to suggest that satanic possession is a cure for physical disability?

Wouldn’t Carol burn her hand trying to turn that lightbulb?

Wouldn’t this all be scarier and a wee bit more plausible if the doll just looked like a regular old creepy doll and not like an actual crazed demon?

Jay Gabler, with thanks to Julia Gabler for pointing out the doll chair thing