6 Free Kickstarter Ideas

6 Free Kickstarter Ideas

USB Charging Hair Extensions. Just plug your phone into your nest of hair and dig it out when it’s charged.

Vacuum Hat. This hat lets you clean your floor by crawling around on your knees, pushing your head into things.

Face Sticker. Why waste time in the morning washing your face and putting on makeup? Just stick a Face Sticker on your entire face and prepare to look great.

Time Mirror. Time. It’s elusive and invisible, yet somehow all around us. Try to catch a glimpse of it with this first-of-its-kind time mirror. It’s just a regular mirror, but it makes you think, doesn’t it?

Knee Shades. Knees are ugly. Hide yours behind these cool styrofoam shades.

Disposable Computer. In a creative rut? Saw an ex on Facebook? Behind on a deadline? Crinkle up your computer and toss it in a river. Then get a fresh one off the stack.

Becky Lang