Types of applause people get at graduation

Types of applause people get at graduation

The bro whoop

A bunch of guys yelping it up like the Cowboys just intercepted on the 20-yard line.

The sorority

A bunch of girls yelling, “Yaaaaaaay!”

The hyper parents

They’ve waited years for this, and this is their moment. Screaming, clapping, sometimes a balloon release.

The abashed family

The family that starts to yell, then realize they’re the only ones and immediately shut up and sit down.

The golf clap


The awkward silence

No one does anything, and the graduate is practically off the stage by the time the dean realizes he’d better give a quick clap so the auditorium doesn’t sound completely like a tomb.

The student council president

A warm, robust round of applause, sort of like what you hear from the studio audience at the happy ending of an ’80s sitcom.

The slow build

Starts quietly, but then gains volume as people wake up and realize, oh hey! It’s that guy!

The gratuitous chuckle

The crowd’s reaction when a graduate does anything involving a selfie stick.

The air horn

If your posse brings one of these and actually uses it, you’re already winning at life.

Jay Gabler