False stories told by Allison Williams

False stories told by Allison Williams

That she came under enemy fire over Neverland.

That she was actually wearing a pair of modified Spanx while filming the ass-eating sequence in Girls.

That she and Lena Dunham totally text each other every day.

That when she gets married to Ricky Van Veen, she would totally change her name to Allison Van Veen if it weren’t for purely professional considerations.

When it looked like she got stuck upside down while “flying” on wires during Peter Pan Live!, um, that was totally intentional.

“I feel I’m the product of the outdoors of New England.”

When she was inducted into St. Elmo’s Secret Society at Yale, she at no time celebrated by singing “Man in Motion” in the shower.

She “wishes she was more of a Marnie.”

She thinks Juan Pablo from The Bachelor “is a man that is very complicated.”

She never reads things people write online about her.

Jay Gabler