iOS 8 Poetry

iOS 8 Poetry

In Apple’s endless quest to make typing on a tablet 1/39th as easy as typing on a keyboard, they’ve released QuickType, otherwise known as predictive text. While it takes just as long to stop and choose from one of three words as it does to type them out feverishly with your thumbs, the feature can sometimes be poetic. Here are some poems generated by quickly picking word suggestions by QuickType.

The fact is that it was the best way for me and you.

When you get a follow back on my way home,

Please don’t make me feel so much fun.

Wow I love the new version of this year.

Thanks for following us on Twitter.

I’m at work today and it is a great day.

The only thing I would have been in the morning is going to be the best.

Together we can do it for the next day and night.

Tomorrow I have to go back to sleep.

Poetic? Dumb? Probably dumb. Other fun fact: the word it always suggests after “sugar” (which I only type regularly because I use Duolingo) is “daddy.”

Becky Lang likes computer generated poetry and feels that Apple could be making QuickType a little more e.e. cummings-like