If Famous Authors Could Ghostwrite Pop Star Albums

If Famous Authors Could Ghostwrite Pop Star Albums


Haruki Murakami x Taylor Swift

-“Eating Invisible Gelato with You”

-“Cooking a Simple Meal Wearing a Simple Outfit”

-“She Has Cute Ears/I Have an Ice Pick”

-“Let’s Name Our Cat After My Brother”

-“I Hate Your Patterned Toilet Paper”

Drake x Henry Miller

“Hold On, We’re Going Back to My Shitty Cramped Paris Apartment”

“The Full Names and Addresses of Every French Whore Who’s Ever Broken My Heart.”

“Started at the Bottom, Now I’m a Starfish Swimming on the Frozen Dew of the Moon”

“Best You Ever Had”

“That One Time I Drunk-Dialed Anaïs Nin”

Bret Easton Ellis x Robin Thicke

“Blurred Lines (Of Coke)”

“Give It (I.e., the Coke) 2 Me”

“Lost Without Yeyo”

“Seriously, Who Has Some Blow?”

Bruno Mars x Franz Kafka

“When I Was Human”

“Locked Outside the Gate to the Law”

“I’d Torture Myself to Death For You”

“Me and You Baby, Making Love Like Monstrous Vermin”

“You’re Perfect As-Is (But the Webbed Hand Is Grossing Me Out)”

E.L. James x Miley Cyrus

“My Inner Goddess is Winking at You”

“You Don’t Own Me Just Cuz You Bought Me a MacBook”

“No Way, José”

“Biting My Lip at You (Smoldering)”

“Superego Supervirgin”

Becky Lang and Rick Spadine