“Girls Are Intelligent” and Other #GirlsTechDay Tips From the FCC

“Girls Are Intelligent” and Other #GirlsTechDay Tips From the FCC

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“Technology is playing an increasingly important role in all aspects of our lives including #health, #education & #careers” (@FCC)

“Women & girls are powerful and intelligent.” (@IG_Online, retweeted by @FCC)

“Having an Internet accessible device AND access to the Internet is essential today.” (@livingrural, retweeted by @FCC)

“general typing skills are always important” (@USOPM, retweeted by @FCC)

“It’s OK if you don’t know exactly what career you want, but it’s good to explore your interests!” (@girlshealth, retweeted by @FCC)

“Don’t be afraid of the computer!” (@USOPM, rewteeted by @FCC)

“Do homework & research. You can even get a degree online!” (@Rijaal3rd, retweeted by @FCC)

“Computers giving way to tablets, smart phones/other cheaper devices” (@Schorrltu, retweeted by @FCC)

“Office work is done via email & other digital programs, at a min, so the more familiar you can be with those tools, the better” (@USOPM, retweeted by @FCC)

“We hope that all girls focus on the idea of being yourself, and that what makes you ‘you’ is beautiful!” (@girlshealth, retweeted by @FCC)

– compiled by @JayGabler