The Most Shareable Post In the World

The Most Shareable Post In the World

You think Chris Brown should burn in hell, but you even though you find it disturbing that Rihanna took him back, you still can’t help dancing in your underwear to “We Found Love.”

You think The Muppet Christmas Carol is the. Best. Fucking. Thing. Ever. It makes you cry, every single time.

You couldn’t live without brunch.

You find dead authors inspiring. The more recently dead, the more inspiring.

You think people are overdoing it with the IKEA monkey, but JFC, that thing is cute.

You love your girlfriend, or you love your boyfriend, or you wish you had a girlfriend, or you wish you had a boyfriend, or you’re happy to be single…in any case, you wish you were having more sex.

You don’t like to admit, to yourself or others, how fascinated you are by Cosmo.

You don’t want to see another picture of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles together ever again.


You think your mom was pretty foxy when she was your age. You think your dad was cute, but like cute cute, not like hot cute.

You have a go-to Instagram filter, and you judge people who prefer other ones.

You’ll never kick someone out of your feed for posting too many GIFs.

You try not to think about the fact that someday we’re going to have to have a First Lady who’s not Michelle Obama.

Jay Gabler

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