The Best Quotes from Ke$ha’s “Warrior” Album Commentary

The Best Quotes from Ke$ha’s “Warrior” Album Commentary

Ke$ha Warrior

On “C’Mon”: “‘C’Mon’ is a really…fun song. That song…the lyrics…I’m like, really excited about it, because I get to say, ‘I’m feeling like a saber-tooth ti-GER, sippin’ on a warm Bud-wei-SER.’ That’s probably my favorite lyric of that song.”

On “Thinking of You”: “It is a breakup song…and it’s kind of like a sweet song…except for, it’s…actually a total fuck-you song.”

On “Crazy Kids”: “So, ‘Crazy Kids’ is an anthem for people like me, which are all my Animals [fans], and so many people in the world that are kind of crazy and we’re not…scared to show it. We’re actually kind of proud of it—like, when we walk by people, we’re like, ‘Hide your kids! Hide your babies!’ Like, ‘These people are crazy!’ Like, ‘You never know!’ But we’re really, like, nice. But we’re just kind of crazy.”

On her birthday party that inspired “Crazy Kids”: “It was, like, free booze and free tattoos, which is always, like, a really good combination. So I got inspired by the night and I got the word ‘fun’ on my foot. Tattooed. Forever. ‘Cause I am fun.”

On “Dirty Love”: “I love this song, ’cause we’re just screaming about sex.”

On “Only Wanna Dance With You”: “I just told a really honest, true story about me falling in love, sitting outside a 7-11, drinking wine on the sidewalk.”

On “Supernatural”: “I’ve had a couple of experiences with the supernatural in my life, and I’m just really open to it. I’m a Pisces. I love that shit. I love ghosts. I, like, invite them into my life and they just kind of show up. […] It’s particularly about this one ghost. This house I lived in up in Laurel Canyon had this spirit there that was really magnetic…this really amazingly enchanting spirit there. And then all of a sudden it started getting darker and darker and darker and was…really…sexual? I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. But anyway, so that song is about that ghost. But it also parallels and can be about, like, just a really toxic relationship if you want to take it there. But for me, it’s about getting it on with an evil ghost.”

– Compiled by Jay Gabler. Listen to the complete commentary on Spotify.